Bevernage Charlotte - Public reception

Is a retired nurse and currently in charge of associative projects on a voluntary basis. She grew up with fine classical music. She appreciates and encourages young talented people who do their very best to put on magnificent performances and she voluntarily contributes to receiving the public.

Bevernage Freddy - Public reception

A retired banking legal expert, devotes a large amount of his time as a volunteer for charities and social societies. He wholeheartedly gives active support to the friendly Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, successfully hosting some splendid concerts.

Brouwers Francisca - Translator French -> Dutch

When I first attended a rehearsal of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and witnessed how Roger Bausier – with one magic stroke of the baton – transformed what looked to be a chaotic group of musicians, into a perfect harmony, I knew at once that I wanted to participate in the well-being of this splendid orchestra.

Garsoux Benoît - Webmaster

As a Gemini, I have always been interested in media. Music came to me quite late when Roger Bausier was looking for a webmaster. Thanks to the team of volunteers, we have been working on the development and updating of the trilingual JOOMLA site since 2009 until 2014, when the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra got access to the new DJANGO technology. I like being in charge of sending out newsletters and IT support for the BPO as an extension of my job as an IT teacher.

Gheeraert André 

An industrial engineer by training, André Gheeraert has specialised in business management and organisation, whether for companies in the retail or non-retail sectors. He has successively held positions as an executive, manager and director. Now retired, he is continuing along the same pathway as the director of several cultural or social associations. Music is one of his hobbies, which explains his role with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, where he performs administrative and accounting tasks and provides a few auxiliary services which help to ensure that the orchestra runs smoothly.

André died in april 2018.  The whole team of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra will never forget you !

Heinemann Klaus - President


Keen Graham - Ambassador

Graham is a British national. A convinced European and speaking 4 languages, he moved to Brussels with his French wife back in 1977. He recently retired from a career in international marketing, specialising in recent years as an independent consultant in industrial market research. In his youth he was already a music enthusiast (“Keen by name, keenby nature” as we say in English), playing clarinet in the school orchestra, choral singing in the Anglican tradition and enjoying the rich London musical scene, particularly the Proms. “In retirement I want to devote my free time to social work and music. As far as the latter is concerned, apart from continuing as a bass in my choir, I want to support this great Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra project and help them where I can."


Loeurng Hiroshi - Committee Member

“I personally believe in the power of classical music to transform, in its capacity to evoke deep emotion and overwhelm us. Through my appointment to the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, as both a musician and a volunteer, I hope to share my passion and knowledge of classical music with the whole world. Because it is an expression of a universal language, it is essentially accessible for everyone.”


Navarro-Turres David - Conductor and musical adviser

David Navarro-Turres studied in Chile, Berlin and Brussels. He has a Masters degree in conducting from the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles as well as a Masters in clarinet and chamber music obtained at the Conservatorio Nacional de Chile. He was chosen by David Zinman, the conductor of the Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich, to take part in the “5th International Conducting Masterclass” in Zurich in February 2014. David is the permanent musical advisor and conductor of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra.


Philippe Noots - Regie - Scores

As a member of 2 choirs attached to the “Fédération Chorale Wallonie-Bruxelles A Cœur Joieˮ for almost 40 years, I have always enjoyed getting involved and helping out. The opportunity I have been given to “work” for the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra also gives me the chance to be useful whilst enjoying myself.


Roberts Clare - Public Relations

Of British origin, Clare Roberts has had a varied and unconventional career. Armed with a degree in natural sciences from Cambridge, and a masters in international relations from Columbia and ULB, she took up a position at the Western European Union in Brussels, dealing with European defence and security issues. From 1996 to 2001 she was actively involved in the Balkan crisis management missions related to police training in Albania and demining operations in Croatia. Clare has always been an active and enthusiastic musician. As a French horn player, she is much in demand as a performer on the free-lance music market and she has worked with many orchestras in Belgium and abroad. She performs regularly with the brass and orchestral ensembles of the Royal Brussels Conservatoire and is a member of Wonderbrass, a ten-strong brass group and the orchestra of Charleroi Operettes. Since the closure of the Western European Union in 2001, Clare has been engaged full-time in het musical activities. As a founding member of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, Clare managed the orchestra until 2008. 


Van Renterghem Hugues - Fundraising and manager

Passionate about classical music and also an amateur flautist, but more comfortable with numbers than music notes in my capacity as a financial analyst, I have found a way to combine these two aspects by fundraising and following-up on grants for the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. I love inviting members of the public to express their generosity!